Air Duct Replacement Concord NC

Air Duct Replacment Concord NC

Amazing Air Duct in Concord NC also provide air duct replacement in Concord NC

An HVAC system is a crucial part of our homes. When your home has a central cooling and heating system, you can recognize the value of having pleasant indoor temperature throughout the year. Once the system is installed, you almost forget what takes place in the background provided that it is functioning correctly. However, it is also essential for homeowners to know the basics of how it works. For instance, the HVAC ductwork has a critical role in ensuring that your cooling and heating system works effectively and offers proper ventilation. In this article, we`ll focus on air duct replacement; continue reading to find out more:

What is air duct replacement?

The main function of the air ducts is to distribute fresh air in your house. The procedure entails taking in air from various rooms and moving it into the heating or cooling parts of the system. Also, the air ducts distribute fresh air in a constant cycle. Replacing the air duct involves removing the existing one and replacing it with another.

Why would ducts need to be replaced?

There are a few reasons that could lead you to decide to replace your air ducts, see below to find out:

  1. Old Ductwork – Usually, ductwork in many homes is suitable for around 10 to 15 years, after which issues start arising. If your ducts have been in use for over 15 years, replace them before problems such as pests, or collapsed duct parts, start bothering you. This way, you can avoid stuffy areas and ensure every room in the house has excellent airflow.
  2. Expensive utility bills – If your utility bills are continually increasing, you might be losing energy via leaks in the HVAC ductwork. A professional can perform a blower door test to spot any issues. If the leaks are not significant, the ducts can be potted to save energy. If not, have it replaced by professionals to keep the bills affordable.
  3. Poor air quality – Holes or gaps in your air ducts allow pollen, dust together with other pollutants to find a way into your system`s air filter, and as a result, get into your home. This worsens asthma and allergies and also results in irritated eyes and running noses, as well as other health issues. Moreover, it can spread mold through the air ducts and into your home. This will cause foul smells in the house and harm to your HVAC system.

Problems caused by inadequate air ducts

Poor air ducts can be uncomfortable and dangerous for the people living in your home. Some of the issues caused by poor air ducts are:

  • Odor – Unpleasant odors are the first problem you will have with poor air ducts. At times moisture can accumulate in the ducts, which in turn allows for the growth of mildew and mold. Also, rodents and insects may leave deposits in the air ducts.
  • Hot and cold parts of the house – Occasionally you may realize that moving from one room to the other, the temperature changes significantly. If you walk into one room, which is cool and another hot one, it means the ducts are leading the fresh air to the cool room only. The presence of a leak in the air duct could indicate that the HVAC system is not distributing the fresh air, and it is dodging the duct, and this will lead to a hot room that is not receiving fresh air.
  • Congested filters – Clogged air ducts are the third problem caused by poor air ducts. If the air ducts have debris or a lot of pollutants, they may be congesting the air filters at a disturbing rate. Even though this means the air filters are working correctly, leaving the ducts in this condition could lead to more problems.

How often should you replace your air ducts?

Your air ducts are efficient for 10 to 15 years; after this, you need to replace them. Although, if your issues with air conditioning cannot be fixed by the available means and the ducts are less than ten years, you should consider replacing them. There could be several reasons for this, like the fact that some duct materials cannot be adequately cleaned. In such situations, find a trusted and well-known firm to do the replacement work.

Bottom line

The best way to prevent any issues with your air ducts is to make sure that you book a routine HVAC maintenance check, at least twice annually.

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